Strategy development

Would you like to work out your competitive advantages and clearly differentiate yourself in the market? Then you can book us as a consultant and coach.

Why is our approach different?

  • Good strategy work is very rarely seen in companies.
  • Most of the time, these are striking statements that are just as applicable 1:1 to any other company.
  • If your strategy is not sound, strategy implementation cannot work. According to the motto: Garbic in, garbic out.
  • In addition to the usual strategy tools, we have developed pragmatic approaches on how you can effectively develop strategies in the management team.
  • Your corporate strategy is good when the competitive advantages clearly emerge from it and can be evaluated.
  • Starting with the development of business models, from market analyses to the concrete formulation of strategic thrusts.

Not a good strategy, not a good implementation.

Dr Daniela Kudernatsch

Consultant, coach, speaker, author & ski racer


Implementation of strategy workshops

Conducting vision workshops

Elaborate USPs

Application of all common strategy tools

Development of breakthrough targets

Development of business models with Business Model Canvas

Carrying out customer potential analyses

Linking strategic planning & strategy implementation

Why you should book us

  • Many years of experience in strategy work at top management level
  • Various trainings at the best-known strategy schools
  • Specially developed pragmatic methods for the development of corporate strategies
  • Excellent knowledge to set the stage for subsequent strategy implementation
  • Cross-sector wealth of experience from small and medium-sized enterprises to corporate groups
  • State of the art through continuous development of strategy work

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A strategy is good when the competitive advantages are clearly worked out and made assessable.

Dr Daniela Kudernatsch

Consultant, coach, speaker, author & ski racer

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