Hoshin Kanri Master Advanced Certification

  • Application practice Hoshin Kanri for over 20 years
  • Pioneer in German-speaking countries
  • Best-selling author Hoshin Kanri
  • Acted as a consultant at Toyota

The Hoshin Kanri Masterclass Advanced is the training to anchor Hoshin Kanri even better in the organisation.

What the Hoshin Kanri Masterclass Advanced contains

More and more companies are dealing intensively with the management method. They have either started the process or are already in the implementation phase.

  • The Masterclass Advanced contains the practical knowledge from over 100 strategy implementation projects and over 1,000 trained Hoshin Kanri Masters.
  • The training contains many tips and tricks for better facilitation of workshops and for supporting leaders at eye level.
  • It answers the questions that users have to deal with on a daily basis.
  • An intensive exchange of experiences among the participants is encouraged. Thus, the Masterclass is an excellent basis for future networking.
  • Developed approaches and practice methods are dealt with intensively to raise Hoshin Kanri to a higher level.
  • Certification as Hoshin Kanri Master Advanced will follow.

What you can expect in concrete terms

Detailed contents

The real challenges that need to be mastered come – as they usually do – during the application itself. The Masterclass Advanced is also structured around these questions:

  • Brief overview of the 8 steps of the Hoshin Kanri process
  • Creativity methods for developing a vision
  • Application of proven and practical strategy tools
  • Prioritisation methods for the development of breakthrough targets
  • Deep-dive into the X-Matrix using selected practical examples
  • Do’s and Don’ts in the development of an X-Matrix
  • Contents and agenda of Hoshin Kanri workshops Top management and team level
  • Procedure for deriving a 2nd level X-matrix
  • Possibilities for the design of catchball processes
  • Anchoring Hoshin Kanri in operational units (incl. Shopfloor Management)
  • Examples from company-wide roll-outs
  • Embedding Hoshin Kanri throughout top management
  • The daily work of a Hoshin Kanri Master
  • Tools for a Hoshin Kanri Master
  • Facilitation and preparation of Hoshin Kanri workshops
  • Coaching techniques of the Hoshin Kanri Master
  • Practising and applying problem-solving methods
  • Measuring the maturity of Hoshin Kanri
  • The Change Process and the Change Canvas
  • Hoshin Kanri Master Advanced Certification Examination

Target group

Participants are all those who have already started or introduced Hoshin Kanri.
In particular, decision-makers such as board members and managing directors as well as specialists and managers from the areas of corporate development, process and lean management, production and human resources are addressed. Prerequisite is the completion of the Hoshin Kanri Basic Training (Hoshin Kanri Master).


Hoshin Kanri Masterclass Advanced

The 2-day Hoshin Kanri Advanced training is for leaders, managers and experts who want to deepen and systematically expand their application knowledge. The prerequisite for this is the Hoshin Kanri Master training. Deep-Dive of the Hoshin Kanri process:

  • Approaches to solving classic stumbling blocks
  • Continuous measurement of the maturity level of Hoshin Kanri
  • Intensive exchange of experiences with other Hoshin Kanri masters
  • Certification as “Hoshin Kanri Master Advanced

1.995 €

Face-to-face event

What do you achieve with Hoshin Kanri

Clear focus
You have a few clear goals that you can achieve even with few resources

All employees are actively involved in the development of goals and thus identify with the goals.

During the year, you work consistently and short-cycle on implementation

What is the secret of success of

Best practice companies?

There are some companies where, despite many crises and radical changes in the world of work, extraordinary success can be proven over decades!

These include “global players” but also medium-sized “hidden champions”.

These companies have one thing in common:

The top management believes in a unified management method – namely Hoshin Kanri. Hoshin Kanri is a tried and tested management system from practice and is responsible for long-lasting corporate growth.

They attribute their success to the fact that

  • they have a focus through clearly defined breakthrough goals
  • all employees are actively involved in the development of goals and thus identify with them
  • the whole organisation works consistently and short-cycle on implementation during the year

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