Hoshin Kanri Master Certification

  • Hoshin Kanri application practice for over 20 years
  • Pioneer in the German-speaking region
  • Bestselling author Hoshin Kanri
  • Acted as a consultant at Toyota

The masterclass for managers and directors to align employees towards a common goal, to dissolve silo thinking and to achieve company goals sustainably.

Hoshin Kanri is the management system of many “global players” and “hidden champions”.

What the Hoshin Kanri Masterclass contains

It is the world’s most comprehensive online course on Hoshin Kanri, whose uniqueness encompasses various aspects.

  • The Hoshin Kanri video course contains the knowledge from over 20 years of strategy implementation consulting from over 100 companies and over 1,000 certified Hoshin Kanri Masters.
  • The course has a duration of over 20 hours and consists of 11 modules and 49 lessons. It includes over 50 templates, checklists, documents and own technical articles for download.
  • The course is designed in such a way that all questions about Hoshin Kanri are answered in a well-founded and practical way. And, this is done in both German and English.
  • Also included is the recognised certification exam to become a Hoshin Kanri Master. The certificate will be sent to you electronically.
  • Due to the large number of practical exercises, you can apply what you have learned directly to your specific business practice and take advantage of personal coaching to accompany you.
  • And last but not least, the uniqueness of the course is shown by the refreshing visual design of the videos as well as the professional preparation. PowerPoint was yesterday.

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The Hoshin Kanri training for managers and directors to systematically dissolve silo thinking, align employees to a common goal and achieve corporate goals sustainably.

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  • 4 hours of personal accompanying coaching with Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch

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Detailed module contents

Hoshin Kanri Masterclass
  1. Welcome

Welcome to the Hoshin Kanri Online Masterclass! I look forward to taking you on the Hoshin Kanri journey and teaching you the most important basics from my over twenty years of experience. But before we start, I will introduce myself so that you know who is accompanying you.

Aktuelle Herausforderungen
  1. Current challenges

In this module we look at the challenges many companies face in terms of strategic planning and implementation. Especially in the current volatile and unpredictable times.

Grundlagen zu Hoshin Kanri
  1. Hoshin Kanri basics

In this module you will learn where Hoshin Kanri originally comes from, what is behind the term and what are the goals of Hoshin Kanri. I will also give you an overview of the whole Hoshin Kanri process, which we will look at in detail in the following lessons.

Strategische Ausrichtung
  1. Strategic orientation

Hoshin Kanri’s focus is on the strategy implementation process. This can only be as good as the underlying strategic direction. Therefore, in the following chapter we look at the essential elements and their criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to start a solid strategy implementation process.

Agile Zielplanung
  1. Agile target planning

This module is about how we define and align goals across the company. This is also the start of the annual PDCA cycle. We will also get to know important tools such as the X-Matrix, Bowling Chart as well as agile milestone planning.

Der Catchball-Prozess
  1. The Catchball Process

We have learned how the goal planning process is organised at the top management level. Now we will look at how to ensure a company-wide and consistent coordination of goals in the company. The method is called: Catchball!

Kurzzyklische Umsetzung
  1. Short-cycle implementation

We have now completed the target planning phase and are starting the in-year implementation process. This is the “Do and Check” phase, which includes the implementation of the planned actions.

  1. Root cause analysis

We are still in the process of implementing targets during the year. How we deal with deviations from our targets plays an essential role here. In the following module, you will learn about different methods that are often used in the context of deviation analyses.

President’s Diagnosis
  1. President’s Diagnosis

The final step in the Hoshin Kanri process is to evaluate the implementation from one year of Hoshin Kanri and initiate improvement measures. In the following chapter you will learn how this process works: The President’s Diagnosis.

Implementierung Hoshin Kanri
  1. Implementation

You are probably asking yourself: What is the best way to start? There are a number of different possibilities and influencing factors, which I will present to you in detail in the following chapter.

Zertifizierung Hoshin Kanri Master
  1. Hoshin Kanri Master Certification

We are at the end of our Masterclass and I wish you all the best. If you are interested in our Hoshin Kanri Master certification, just take the test now by clicking on the next lesson.

What do you achieve with Hoshin Kanri

Clear focus
You have a few clear goals that you can achieve even with few resources

All employees are actively involved in the development of goals and thus identify with the goals.

During the year, you work consistently and short-cycle on implementation

What is the secret of success of

Best practice companies?

There are some companies where, despite many crises and radical changes in the world of work, extraordinary success can be proven over decades!

These include “global players” but also medium-sized “hidden champions”.

These companies have one thing in common:

The top management believes in a unified management method – namely Hoshin Kanri. Hoshin Kanri is a tried and tested management system from practice and is responsible for long-lasting corporate growth.

They attribute their success to the fact that

  • they have a focus through clearly defined breakthrough goals
  • all employees are actively involved in the development of goals and thus identify with them
  • the whole organisation works consistently and short-cycle on implementation during the year

What does your personal working day look like?

Do your employees even understand the essential business goals and why it is important to achieve them?

Are you constantly working against external resistance, such as increasingly reduced resources, ever tighter time frames for setting targets?

Do you fight against different targets in departments, which promotes silo thinking and “lone wolfism”?

Do you occasionally find it difficult to lead your staff in a way that “everyone pulls together”?

Would you like to end a workday thinking, “Today we finally achieved an important goal because we performed as one team?”

It’s not just your career or business that suffers, but your personal life too.

Working all weekend is becoming more and more common, time for your sport is missing and so slowly but surely your partner complains that you can’t find enough time for your family anymore.

That’s why it’s important to improve your leadership skills so that you go to bed in the evening with that “everything’s under control” feeling instead of being annoyed about cut resources or unmotivated employees.

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Your Online Coach Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch

Dr Daniela Kudernatsch is the owner of the management consultancy KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions.

She holds a doctorate in business administration and has more than 20 years of experience in international transformation projects (corporate groups and medium-sized companies).

She specialises in the implementation of management systems such as Hoshin Kanri, Objectives & Key Results (OKR), Lean Management, Shopfloor Management and Lean Leadership.

Her broad experience is also based on various certifications in the areas of systemic coaching, change management, lean management, Six Sigma and controlling, among others.

She is also the author of several specialist books and articles and a key note speaker at international congresses.

In online seminars with Dr Kudernatsch you can expect:

  • Knowledge of over 20 years of strategy implementation consulting from over 100 companies and over 1,000 certified Hoshin Kanri Masters.
  • Practical relevance via the development and implementation of agile strategies for immediately measurable results
  • Focus on the decisive success factors and framework conditions

The Hoshin Kanri video course is perfect for …

Experienced leaders and entrepreneurs

If you are an experienced leader looking for a management method to align your staff towards a common goal, even in the current unpredictable and volatile times.

New managers in companies

If you have only recently taken on leadership responsibility and want to have the team on your side right from the start in order to achieve step-by-step company goals.

What you get

Online access
So you can learn at your own pace

Over 20 hours
With video content teaching you how to drive the strategy implementation process

On the individual process steps to work effectively and efficiently on improving your strategy implementation process

A clear method
In order to respond quickly and effectively to the challenges, crises and opportunities of our time

To Hoshin Kanri Master for your further professional career

The Hoshin Kanri video course is perfect for busy people. A total of over 20 hours of practical knowledge with 11 modules and a total of 49 lessons. With just one hour per week, you will develop laser-sharp focus and lead your teams as one.

What enthusiastic seminar participants say about the Hoshin Kanri course

Frequently asked questions about Hoshin Kanri training

Your choice

You now have exactly two options

If you have read this far, you are at a fork in the road.

The path to your left leads to your old life in the familiar work situation. If you take this path, nothing will change. You will continue to struggle with increasingly scarce resources and struggle to achieve your corporate goals. Your staff will continue to remain siloed and pursue their own goals instead of identifying with the company’s goals and working together as a team.

How has your path worked for you so far?

The road to your right may be a bit rocky, but it will lead you to a new life and a completely new work situation. A life where you know every day that all the staff are pulling together and doing their best to give their best at work even in uncertain times.

Where would you be in a year’s time if you were closer to an optimal working situation every day? Would you then have peace in your everyday business life and be able to significantly advance your career or your company?

Would you then have more pleasure in your daily work and a good feeling in meetings with your staff and colleagues?

If you would like to go this way, I am happy to support you.

So: How will you decide?

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