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Dr. Daniela

In addition to her classic profession as a management consultant, she is also a coach, book author, speaker at events and German runner-up in giant slalom.

Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch is the owner of the management consultancy KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions.

She holds a doctorate in business administration and has over 20 years of experience in management consulting.

Its clients include DAX-listed corporations as well as medium-sized companies in the national and international arena.

Daniela Kudernatsch is a leader in strategy implementation and is considered a pioneer.

She has facilitated over 100 strategy implementation projects and trained 1,000+ Hoshin Kanri Masters and OKR Managers.

She is the author of several management books that are ranked among the best sellers.

She is also frequently booked as a key note speaker at national and international congresses.

Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch works closely with Toyota expert Jeff Liker and is Vice President Europe of Liker Lean Advisors.

Daniela Kudernatsch grew up in competitive sports. Today she still actively pursues her passion, ski racing. “Professionally, my profession is strategy consulting and implementation. But sometimes my “first” career catches up with me again. Then I have to go to the mountains.”

Professionally, my profession is strategy consulting and implementation. But sometimes my "first" career catches up with me. Then I have to go to the mountains.

Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch
Consultant, Coach, Speaker, Author
& ski racer


Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch has unique knowledge in all current management systems for strategy implementation.

She is a master of her craft in company-wide goal alignment - starting with top management and ending on the shop floor.

Her distinctive interdisciplinary knowledge in the areas of strategy, controlling, lean management, coaching and change management distinguishes the consultant.

Through its large international network, it is in constant exchange of experience with the industry.

She also backs up her in-depth knowledge with her long-standing benchmark studies in the areas of strategy and operational excellence.

What is special about
Daniela Kudernatsch?

Daniela Kudernatsch inspires people.

She inspires with well-founded know-how,
practical relevance and a sympathetic sense of humour.

She speaks the language of
Top management and also the
of the machine operator on the shop floor.

Thus she finds
company-wide acceptance.

Her quick perception is paired with
with her ability to speak in simple
language to convey their knowledge.

your added value

There is nothing off the peg!

Together we will find the right approach for your company.

The trainings are characterized by an extremely high practical relevance.

They are enriched with many company examples.

No traditional PowerPoint presentations, but refreshing and visual design.

You benefit from the wealth of experience and receive countless tips and tricks.

Working with Daniela Kudernatsch means: discipline and perseverance.

"The key to success is combining the different management systems."

Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch
Consultant, Coach, Speaker, Author
& ski racer

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