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What is OKR?

OKR is a simple method for implementing corporate goals and for agile corporate management.

Key success factors lie in

  • simplicity,
  • flexibility and
  • the involvement of the employees.

Two questions are at the forefront of the goal definition:

  • “Where do I want to go?” (Objectives) and
  • “How do I measure whether I have achieved my goal?” (Key Results).

Dr Daniela Kudernatsch has been working with this management method for many years. She has published numerous books and bestsellers on OKR.

Why is our approach different?

  • OKR is only successful if a continuous strategy implementation process is established in the company.
  • Throughout the process, managers and staff are empowered and coached to make OKR part of their everyday operations.
  • Depending on your company structure, we select the approach that is right for you.
  • This is shown by the many projects we have carried out in recent years.
  • Our focus is to create impact through consistent implementation.
  • We introduce OKR systematically in 8 steps.

When is OKR used?

The OKR method helps to ensure that all activities are aligned to the same, most important goals throughout the organisation. The following issues are central to this:

  • Horizontal alignment and dissolution of conflicting goals and silo thinking
  • Break down goals to team and staff level
  • Create individual and collective focus
  • Participatory development of goals (mix of top-down and bottom-up)
  • Create a flexible and unbureaucratic target process
  • Away from central control and towards more self-organisation
  • Setting inspiring and challenging goals
  • Short-cycle and agile target implementation process

The OKR Manager plays a central role in the OKR process and should therefore have a methodologically sound qualification.


Holistic monitoring of OKR projects

Implementation of OKR workshops

Linking OKR with agile project management

Training for OKR Manager and OKR Manager Advanced

Video course incl. OKR Manager training

Sparring partner in all questions around OKR

Coaching of internal OKR officers

Maturity assessment of strategy implementation

Increase the clout for consistent implementation.

Dr Daniela Kudernatsch

Consultant, Coach, Speaker & Author

That is why you should book Dr Daniela Kudernatsch:

  • Intensive involvement with Objectives & Key Results for many years
  • Best Seller “Toolbox Objectives & Key Results
  • Holistic support – from top management to the task level
  • Cross-sector wealth of experience from small and medium-sized enterprises to corporate groups
  • Excellent knowledge of all common management systems
  • State-of-the-Art through continuous further development of OKR

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