Trust in your own competence

The greater the need for development in a company, the greater its need for know-how and practical support in terms of change management, lean management, and shop floor management – especially when it comes to strategy implementation at the divisional level. It is something so demanding, it can not currently be covered with external consultants alone.

In-house Lean Consultant Training

This has been recognized in recent years. Many corporations have built in-house consulting divisions – partly for cost reasons, but primarily to have more expertise in implementing strategy in house and to respond faster. It is a wise decision, as in-house consultants have the following advantages over external ones:

  • They know the culture, “history”, and work processes of the organization. They do not have to be trained first.
  • They are anchored in the organization and have an internal company network.
  • They are always available and responsive to acute issues.
  • They are colleagues in whom concerned parties usually have more confidence than outsiders.

These advantages are of great value, especially when it comes to the implementation of strategy in day-to-day operations, in which many seemingly minor details must be taken into account.

If desired, we can support your training of in-house consultants from your circle of employees. We are happy to send you further information upon request about the tailor-made Lean Consultant Training, which KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions regularly carries out as an experienced strategy (implementation) and Lean Management & Leadership consultant.

Train employees in Lean Seminars

In addition, on the following pages we present our (open) seminars on the various “Lean” tools such as Hoshin Kanri (Policy Deployment), Lean Leadership, A3 Problem Solving, Kata coaching etc. In them, we provide executives, project managers, HR and organizational developers with the know-how they need, in a rapidly changing and unpredictable VUCA world, to professionally perform their functions.

Note: All seminars presented on the following pages are carried out on request within the company and adapted to the respective needs of the company.