Kata Coaching Method

You want your managers to work consistently on the company’s goals?
Then you can book us as a coach.

How do I define my role as a coach?

Coaches are a dime a dozen.

My focus is on processual coaching. I use process coaching in close connection with Hoshin Kanri, OKR and Lean Management. I coach managers on how to achieve their business goals together with their team.

I use methods from systemic coaching, from the A3 problem-solving process and from KATA coaching.
In doing so, I consciously distinguish myself from classic coaching, which is about working on personal problems.

Leadership does not mean: I will tell you the solution.

Dr Daniela Kudernatsch

Consultant, Coach, Speaker & Author


Hoshin Kanri Coaching to Achieve Breakthrough Goals

OKR Coaching to achieve short-cycle goals

Coaching of rule communication within the framework of shop floor management

Coaching of the A3 problem solving process according to original Toyota

KATA Coaching for the step-by-step achievement of target states

Measuring the coaching skills of managers

The implementation is where the music plays.

Dr Daniela Kudernatsch

Consultant, Coach, Speaker & Author

That is why you should book Dr Daniela Kudernatsch:

  • Various coaching trainings in systemic coaching, KATA coaching, problem-solving coaching
  • Measuring the coaching skills of managers
  • Unique expertise in combining coaching and management systems
  • State of the art through continuous development of Hoshin Kanri
  • Cross-sector wealth of experience from small and medium-sized enterprises to corporate groups
  • Application of the original Toyota problem-solving process “Toyota Business Practices”.
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KATA Coaching

Dr Daniela Kudernatsch

Consultant, Coach, Speaker & Author

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