Lectures on strategy implementation

  • How do we implement our strategy in day-to-day operations - across hierarchies and divisions?
  • How do we anchor the desired (leadership) culture in our organization?
  • Which management systems, methods and tools should we use?
  • How do we ensure that change is sustainable?
  • How do we ensure that all employees show the desired behavior top-down?
  • How do we ensure that all areas and people in our organization see themselves as learners and continuously strive for improvement?

Top managers are often faced with such questions when they want to set the course for their company to increase performance and operte successfully in the market for the long term.


Lecturer at congresses and association meetings

The management consultant and author, Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch, with her experience in strategy implementation projects and her expertise in the areas of Lean Management and Lean Leadership as well as Hoshin Kanri and Policy Deployment is asked to hold lectures on the topic of strategy implementation at congresses and association meetings, which she truly enjoys, in both German and English.

Aims of the presentations:

The participants will get an overview of the methods, instruments and ways to implement a strategy and / or to change the (management) culture of a company in the area or company, and additionally, to gain insight into the practical experience of other companies.


Speaker and impulse giver at management meetings

Even more frequently, companies that are facing far-reaching strategic decisions request Ms. Kudernatsch to give the keynote speech at their management conference.

  • the various management systems (such as Lean Management or Hoshin Kanri), as well as
  • the various strategy implementation tools (such as the A3 Report and Kata Coaching)

Additionally: the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches and tools as a result of their project experience in other companies. The goal of the impulse lectures and lectures: In the Top Management, create a common level of knowledge in order to make the necessary decisions and "commit" to them. Speaker and speaker at kickoffs and executive meetings. Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch is often requested as a speaker or lecturer when the top management of companies has already decided:

  • We use the management system Hoshin Kanri to achieve our strategic goals.
  • We will introduce a lean management or lean leadership culture in our organization.
  • To achieve our goals, we use tools such as the A3 Report, PDCA Cycle, and Kata Coaching.

Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch speaks to the participants of management conferences on a range of topics:

  • the chosen management systems and tools.
  • explaining the philosophy and the underlying approach.
  • the (sub-) goals that can be achieved.
  • what conditions are necessary.

For participants, requirements are illustrated for using these systems and tools.

The aim of the impulse lectures:

Executives and those involved in the project should support the decisions of top management and actively "promote" them in their day-to-day work so that the necessary change energy is generated in the organization.

To hire Daniela Kudernatsch as a speaker, send us an email or call (Tel: 08170/9 22 33).