New open seminar and further education offers

Created by Kudernatsch Consulting

In order to be successful in the medium and long term, companies must continuously develop. This also applies to management consultancies.

That is why we at KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions also regularly retreat to closed-door meetings to reflect on our (project) work for and in companies and to ask ourselves: How can we further improve our performance? In addition, all KUDERNATSCH consultants undergo continuous further training.

Making strategy implementation even more effective

We also regularly review our service portfolio and ask ourselves: What tools and methods could our customers use to implement their strategy even more efficiently and sustainably? This often results in new consulting and training offers for companies – sometimes also in new open seminar and training offers if we have the impression that a tool or a method that we have been using in companies for a long time: This tool or method could be interesting for a larger number of people or organizations.

New: “Wheel of Change” Masterclass

For example, starting in 2019, which is this year, KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions will be offering an open “Wheel of Change” seminar on. In this change management masterclass, participants will learn on the We have shown them how they can use the simulation game – which we often use in change projects in companies – in their companies, for example, to make the various phases of a change process a sensory experience for the managers, so that they can lead their employees in such processes more sensitively and thus better.

New: “Objectives & Key Results (OKR)” Masterclass

Also new in the open seminar program of KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions is the one-day masterclass “Objectives & Key Results (OKR): Simple and agile target management top-down and on the shop floor level”. There, the participants will learn, among other things, on the basis of best practices,

  • what the strengths and weaknesses of this strategy implementation tool from Silicon Valley are and
  • how this can be linked to any existing management systems such as Hoshin Kanri and the Balanced Scorecard.

New: Training to become a “Certified OKR Manager

Another new addition to the KUDERNATSCH product portfolio is an open training course to become a “Certified OKR Manager”, which we will be holding for the first time in May. It is designed for all people,

  • who professionally deal with the topics of strategy, leadership, management, corporate and personnel development in companies and
  • would like to actively support them and their employees in the future in introducing and using the OKR method – be it as a consultant or as a functionary in the organisation.

Perhaps one of the new KUDERNATSCH offers is of interest to you (or one of your employees or colleagues).

In any case, I would be happy to meet you in one of our open seminars or trainings in the coming months.


Many greetings
Yours Daniela Kudernatsch