Videos on the topic of strategy implementation

Created by Kudernatsch Consulting

There are different learning types: auditory, visual, motor, communicative, etc.. Every trainer knows this, as well as internal and external trainers.

While these learning types rarely exist in pure form, most people are mixed types. Nevertheless, most people have preferences about how information or learning content is presented and communicated to them.

Among other things, sequences from seminars and lectures

That’s why I decided about half a year ago to produce more videos and publish them on YouTube: in addition to purely explanatory videos, there are also short videos with sequences from my (open) seminars and lectures.

In this context, one of the things I did last month was upload a short video to YouTube with excerpts from a candid OKR seminar seminar by me. I also created a 13 part video series as well as playlist titled “ The secret of the TOP companies “. In it, I explain how companies can successfully and sustainably implement their strategy across divisions and hierarchies – with their employees.

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