Video online course HoshinKanri

Created by Kudernatsch Consulting

Well, the time has finally come…

Well before the crisis, I started looking at digital training opportunities for my clients. So one of my personal TOP topics so far has been to develop a practical video online course to teach the Hoshin Kanri philosophy.

Similar to when I write a new book, such a course is not created overnight. It takes time. Especially when it comes to such a comprehensive topic as the company-wide strategy planning and implementation process.

Hoshin Kanri Online Course with Daniela Kudernatsch

As a result, I can already tell you this much:

  • The HoshinKanri online course incorporates the knowledge gained from my 20+ years of strategy implementation consulting from over 100 companies and over 1,000 certified Hoshin-Kanri Masters.
  • With more than 2.5 hours running time, 11 modules, 34 lessons as well as many templates, documents and my professional articles for download, this course is the most comprehensive around the topic HoshinKanri.
  • For once, you get to be the coach-potato… ????! You learn at your own pace and when it’s cozy on the couch in the evening.
  • The Hoshin online course costs only a fraction of regular face-to-face seminars.

Why HoshinKanri?

There are some companies that have been showing us an excellent strategy implementation process for years. These include global companies such as Toyota and Danaher, but also some medium-sized hidden champions.

Despite many crises and radical changes in the world of work, these companies have been extraordinarily successful for decades!

These best practice companies have one thing in common:

Top management believes in a unified management method. This management method has been firmly implemented and is beyond question.

Why are these companies so successful?

They attribute their success to the fact that

  • they have a focus through clearly defined breakthrough targets
  • all employees are actively involved in the development of goals and thus identify with them
  • the entire organisation works consistently and in a short-cycle manner on implementation during the year

If you are interested in the online course, you can find more information here:

To the HoshinKanri Online Course

Yours Daniela Kudernatsch

P.S. For the English speakers, the course in English will be available in the next 2 weeks.