Taking time out – not only to recharge your batteries

Created by Kudernatsch Consulting

Real “off times” are becoming rarer in the digital age – partly because we are almost always and everywhere reachable with modern information and communication media.

Time out to “think” and “think through” things

At the same time, however, downtimes are becoming increasingly important and valuable in a VUKA world characterised by rapid change and little ability to plan. Because if we don’t pause in it from time to time – to recharge our batteries and think and think things through – there’s a danger that we will

  • burn out at some point and/or
  • fall into blind actionism, which in the long run is neither goal-oriented nor effective.

A classic off time (in most industries and companies) is the time between the years – also called the reflective period. From 21 December to 6 January, I too will be taking time out from my daily consulting routine – not only to refill my energy tanks, but also to reflect in peace and quiet on how I can continue to deliver top performance for my clients – i.e. for you.

Important to break new ground in some cases

Modern information and communication technology is changing not only the content of work, but also the working relationships and structures in companies. Therefore, in addition to strategy development and implementation, it is also necessary to break new ground in the areas of leadership, project management and competence development.

You too can use the contemplative time between the years to recharge your batteries and to find out to what extent it might make sense to set a new course in 2020 – both professionally and privately. For both areas of life are inextricably linked:

  • If you are under “constant power” in your private life, you will not be able to achieve top performance in your professional life. And:
  • Those who are under “permanent stress” at work usually cannot enjoy their private life in a relaxed way either.

Remember that!

With this in mind, I wish you a wonderful holiday season, a reflective time between the years and a successful start to the new year.

Yours Daniela Kudernatsch