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Why you should contact KUDERNATSCH: 17 reasons

Consultancies - and those that recognize themselves as strategy implementation consultants and guides are abundant. Eventually you will face the question which consultancy to contact. KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions or...?

To facilitate your decision we give 17 reasons why you should contact us - regardless of whether you should decide on us or another supporter in the end.

  1. KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions supports companies in successfully and sustainably implementing strategies in daily business for more than 15 years - Across hierarchies, functions and locations. Our expertise has grown ever since.
  2. KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions already supported more than 100 companies worldwide in planning and realizing strategy implementation projects. We know the pitfalls as well as the success factors of such projects.
  3. KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions also supports you in creating the right structure and establishing the management systems which are crucial for a company-wide strategy implementation and stable change processes. In doing so, we help you to control your organization and sustainable development.
  4. KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions is guided by the superior question: How do you reach your defined goals? This strongly influences the choice of utilized management instruments and tools (e.g. Balanced Scorecards, Hoshin Kanri/Policy Deployment, Six Sigma, Lean Management, Lean Leadership, Kata Coaching, CIP). We therefore assure lasting success for our clients.
  5. KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions also supports you in creating the mindset to utilize the systems/tools, filling the structures with life and reaching your strategic goals across functions. In that way, we ensure that your company has the power to change.
  6. KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions knows from experience that leaders (and responsible project manages) play a key role in deeply anchoring the lean culture. Acccordingly, we attach great importance to the development of a Lean Leadership culture and we assure that managers develop a mutual understanding of leadership and are aware of their responsibilty as a leader. 
  7. KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions pursues an approach that is not based on individual but rather organizational psychology. We pay particular attention to the interdependencies between aspired objectives and the company in the context of its environment or market, respectively. We do not aim for isolated solutions but rather focus on the development of the concept company.
  8. KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions supports you, if desired, in establishing an internal Lean Academy and inhouse consultant pools. We strive for increasing your company's competency in implementing strategies to strengthen your independence from external consultants.
  9. KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions collaborates among others with Liker Lean Advisors (USA), whose Vice President is Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch. Our work is strongly influenced by international impulses concerning management, strategy implementation and business leadership. Furthermore, we can support you in transnational projects.
  10. All KUDERNATSCH consultants are veterans in strategy implementation and daily business. Usually, they have (at least) one university degree (mostly business, IT or engineering - PhDs are not uncommon) and have decades of experience as top and/or project managers. Their methods are pragmatic and your employees' acceptance accordingly high.
  11. All KUDERNATSCH consultants consider Lean Management, Six Sigma and CIP as tools to achieve superior goals. This means that they apply them in a goal-oriented manner and adjust them to individual demands.
  12. All KUDERNATSCH consultants think and act in an entrepreneurial way. All their actions are guided by the question: How does the company achieve its (development, profitability) goals?
  13. All KUDERNATSCH consultants have years of experience in international contexts and are, consequently, business fluent in English. Therefore, they are also capable of managing projects and leading meetings with international participants.
  14. Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch, the owner of KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions, deals with the different instruments of strategy implementation since her studies in the United States - for more than 25 years. Therefore, she knows their strengths and weaknesses.
  15. Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch wrote several reference books regarding the topic of strategy implementation - among others  "Hoshin Kanri - Unternehmensweite Strategieumsetzung mit Lean Management Tools". She is considered as a pioneer in the area of Hoshin Kanri/Policy Deployment in the German-speaking area.
  16. Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch deals with the topic of "Lean Leadership" for many years and developed several tools to implement a Lean Leadership culture in companies together with Jeffrey K. Liker. Therefore, she is considered as one of the most profiled Lean Leadership experts worldwide.
  17. A core question which all KUDERNATSCH employees permanently face is: How to further optimize strategy implementation? A lot of timeis invested in education and training and high importance is attached to evaluating conducted projects in order to further learn from them.