Lean leadership training incl. Certification: in-house and open

In many companies today, the need for change and innovation is so great that it can no longer be managed in top-down projects alone. So, the initiative to innovate and produce quality must shift more to the area and process levels. This requires a corresponding corporate and management culture. Many companies have recognized this. That's why they are working on personnel and leadership development concepts that aim to anchor the quest for quality in the company's DNA, so to speak. In doing so, they are often guided by the lean leadership development model, which has proven itself at Toyota, among others.

The Lean Leadership Development Model

  • is characterized i.a. by taking into account the human factor when improving business processes (including avoiding waste, increasing added value),
  • aims to successively increase the ability of leaders to develop their own and their employees' skills, not only to solve the acute issues, but also to increase the ability to continually improve the performance of the entire organization,
  • has the overarching goal of establishing good problem-solving processes in the organization so that achieving goals becomes a natural, stable process.

Building and anchoring such a culture in companies requires people at all levels of the company and at different stages of development

  • Accompany and support the employees in their development as a coach, and
  • Drive the development process in a targeted manner.

Multi-level lean training: open and in-house

The development of such supporters is the central concern of the multi-level Lean Leadership training, which KUDERNATSCH conducts in cooperation with the Liker Lean Academy (USA) as open and in-house training program. Both courses consist of four consecutive levels of education, each with a certification as Lean Leadership Expert (LL Expert), Lean Leadership Coach, Lean Leadership Master, Lean Leadership Sensei complete.

Oriented to the function of the participants

The first level (LL-Expert) provides participants with basic knowledge about Lean Management, CIP and Lean Leadership, which is necessary to start change projects that aim to implement a Lean and CIP culture. This is different in the training levels that builds upon this. Depending on the development goal of the participants as well as their function within the company, competence development takes place primarily in increasingly complex change and transformation projects, which make a concrete contribution to increasing added value and increasing change competence in the company.


The in-house Lean Leadership training:
oriented to the needs and goals of the company

The specific design of the corporate Lean Leadership training always takes place in a consultation between KUDNERATSCH and the commissioning company. The same applies to the definition and design of the projects, which are integrated into the different levels of the education. Detailed information about the conception and content of the in-house lean leadership training and certification can be found here: Brochure in-house Lean Leadership training

The open Lean Leadership training:
oriented to the needs and goals of the participants

Open Lean Leadership training is open to all individuals who have (co-) responsibility for projects in companies that aim to establish and anchor a lean management and leadership culture. In their training, they acquire the competence to specifically plan and manage this development process in companies and to support and accompany their employees and departments in mastering the resulting challenges as a coach. Detailed information on the concept and content of the open lean leadership training and certification will be available from July 2017 here: Brochure open lean leadership training