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Why we are different:

  • We build our philosophy on the Toyota Way, which is based on long-term thinking.
  • We train and coach managers and employees to improve their processes.
  • Our goal is to build a culture of continuous improvement and respect for people.
  • All consultants have intensive experience in the implementation of the Toyota Way. ​​
  • We can prove our expertise on the basis of many projects.


Conception and implementation
of Lean projects

introduction of
shop floor management

introduction of
lean administration

Establishment of internal
Lean Academies

introduction of
lean leadership

Training of all
popular Lean Tools

lean tools

PDCA and CIP | 5S | Value Stream Design | A3 Problem Solving | Machine Efficiency | Lean Assembly etc.

Close cooperation with

Liker Lean

KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions cooperates closely with the US-American Lean expert Jeffrey K. Liker and his companies.

Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch is Vice President Europe of Liker Lean Advisors.

In this function, she is responsible, among other things, for the European business and is the contact person for their European customers.

Empowering people to see waste!

Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch
Consultant, Coach, Speaker & Author

That's why you should book us:

Experienced TOP Lean consultants with high expertise in the Toyota Way

Relevant experience in production and administrative processes

Application of all common Lean Tools

Focus on building a lean culture

Close cooperation with Liker Lean Advisors and management of the European business

Worldwide consulting capacity for lean projects

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