Leadership seminar: Planning success after the crisis in perspective workshops

Corona crisis and corporate future

This is what many business leaders are currently asking themselves, after having taken the most important acute measures to secure the existence of their companies and their liquidity:

How much does the Corona crisis change our economic environment?

What opportunities and risks does this present for us?

What should you do to be successful in the market after the crisis?

With regard to the future, only hypotheses can be formulated

At the same time, they are struggling with the problem: Currently, no one knows what the future will bring. Only hypotheses can be formulated about this. At the same time, however, decision-makers in companies are faced with the challenge of setting the course for success. In addition, they must offer their employees support and orientation. They can only do this with at least a tentative plan.

That is why KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions offers so-called perspective workshops and coaching for managing the crisis and preparing for the time after the crisis for the top decision-makers in companies.

The Corona crisis raises many new questions

Leadership Workshop – In them I reflect with participants on such complex issues as:

To what extent does the Corona crisis change the framework conditions of our economic activity?

For example, is the crisis triggering a concentration process in our industry?

Are supply chains breaking down?

Are our business processes becoming fragile?

Are trade barriers increasing?

What does this mean, for example, for our procurement, our production, our research & development, our sales?

In addition, in the leadership workshop I reflect with them such topics relevant to personnel and organizational development as well as strategy development and implementation as:

Which of our ongoing projects are rendered obsolete by the crisis or require a new focus?

What new challenges are we facing in the area of digitalization?

How much will the working structures and relationships in our organisation change as a result of the fact that many employees are currently gaining experience of working from home?

To what extent is our corporate and leadership culture influenced by the fact that many, often painful, top-down decisions have to be made during the crisis and subsequent reconstruction phase?

Develop and evaluate scenarios for the possible future


Based on this, I develop different scenarios with the participants in the leadership coaching, how the market, the company itself as well as the work processes in it could shape themselves after the crisis.


These are then assessed in terms of the probability of their occurrence.


From this, action plans are finally derived as to what needs to be done in order to emerge from the crisis stronger, if possible.

It is important to me that the action plans developed in this way are not final. I am convinced that this cannot be developed in the current situation, in which the further course of the crisis and its consequences can only be assessed to a limited extent.

Tip – Leadership Workshop:

That’s why I recommend that my clients conduct follow-up workshops or coaching sessions, for example, every two weeks after the initial workshop, in which we review: Were the assumptions underlying our scenarios and action plans correct or do we need to modify them?

Have a “clear head” as a decision-maker and manager

A central goal of the workshops and of the leadership coaching is also that the participants, in a time in which an infinite amount of, often contradictory, information pours in on them every day, regain the clear head they need to lead their companies or divisions as well as their employees; furthermore, that the decision-makers across divisions, hierarchies and locations agree on a preliminary roadmap as to how the company can emerge strengthened from the crisis if possible.

You decide how the workshops or coaching sessions take place

Leadership seminar: The perspective workshops or coachings can be carried out with individuals as well as with teams of decision-makers worldwide. You as the customer decide whether they take place as a face-to-face event, via telephone or by video conference. If desired, the workshops and coaching sessions can also be conducted in English.

I consider the moderation of such decision-maker meetings by a neutral person to be extremely important, especially in such a diffuse situation as the current one, because:

In it, the participants – due to their biography and function – assess the actual situation, the risks and opportunities resulting from it and thus also the possibilities for action very differently. Therefore, conflicts are inevitable. There is also a correspondingly high risk that the participants will lose themselves in endless discussions. A neutral moderator can prevent this.

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