Lean Working Groups: Implementing strategies in daily business

When companies want to sustainably change their culture and the way tasks and problems are approached within the company, they usually face a multitude of challenges – for example: 

  • They have to establish new structures of cooperation within the company.
  • They have to introduce new methods of problemsolving.
  • They need to comprehensively raise people’s awareness for  needs, opportunities and benefits of change.
  • They need to change the employees’ and managers’ mindset and convey the required methodological knowledge.
  • They have to ensure that the willingness to change does not slow down and the implemented change initiatives are not dissolving. 

How to break new grounds on a methodical level

This is a complex and challenging task, since: 

  • Companies frequently break new grounds with their projects.
  • Projects that aim at changing organizational cultures are hard to plan.
  • Unexpected problems and resistance can arise and underlying conditions might change.

So many questions will come up during the project which you can not answer right away - mainly because: 

  • You are breaking new grounds with your projects as well.
  • There are many influencing factors and interdependencies which need to be taken into consideration during the planning and problemsolving process.
  • You personally are part of a network of relationships which you have to convince of your problemsolving approaches. 

Learning from and with colleagues from other companies

KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions has co-founded  a multitude of working groups together with AWF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Wirtschaftliche Fertigung), where project leaders regularly meet (e.g. 1.5 days every 3 months) with their colleagues from other companies which are involved in similar projects. The following topics are discussed on a regular basis:

  • Questions that arise in daily (project) business and
  • Case studies and Best Practice examples drawn from the participants’ daily business.

Apart from that, participants learn new tools, methods and solutions, test these on their practical applicability and practice their utilization.

The meetings take place in one of the participants’ companies. During the first day the host company introduces itself, its facility and their lean activities. During the second day the participants’ questions, that come up during the project work, are discussed in the working groups:

The most recent Lean Working Groups:

The following working groups currently take place on a regular basis:

Working Group Hoshin Kanri

Participants: Project leaders of companies that (want to) introduce the planning and controlling system Hoshin Kanri – also called Policy Deployment – in their organization on a comprehensive level across hierarchies and functions. 

 Working Group Shopfloor management

Participants: Project leaders of companies that (want to) establish a consistent development and improvement of processes, procedures and standards on a value-adding level on the spot.

 Working Group Kata Coaching

Participants: Project leaders of companies that (want to) specifically develop and practice learning and behavioral routines on the shop floor level and provide their managers with required compentencies.