Focusing with the Business Strategy Canvas

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Did your company also start the new year with great expectations and many good intentions? Did they still have in-depth discussions on future direction in 2019? Was clarity and focus promised?

Mrs Kudernatsch in the seminar.

I know a number of companies where all of these issues were still hanging very high at the end of the year. But unfortunately, the practice often looks completely different – hardly the New Year’s Eve rockets have burned out – at the start of the new year:

  • Strategy papers of several hundred pages grant access only to top management.
  • There is no sense of consensus at the top management level. And:
  • There is no discernible focus in the pronouncements and statements. Rather, general buzzwords dominate that are also valid one-to-one for many other companies and competitors.

Focusing becomes more difficult in the VUKA world

A lack of focus and thus priority setting is something that is currently causing problems for many companies – and it is becoming increasingly difficult not only for top managers, but also for managers at the operational level in the VUKA world, which is characterized by rapid change: In it, they themselves often do not know exactly where the medium- and long-term journey is going (just think of the financial and automotive industries).

Business Strategy Canvas helps to set focus

That’s why I developed the Business Strategy Canvas tool alongside the Business Model Canvas. It is an excellent way to show the medium and long-term direction of companies on a sheet of paper. Suitable for every industry and absolutely proven also on the level of business units, divisions, plants or even areas.
The “Business Strategy Canvas” includes the following dimensions:

  1. Vision,
  2. Mission,
  3. Values,
  4. Strategy,
  5. Breakthrough Goals.

The Canvas serves to provide the necessary focus and create the required commitment.

Download Business Strategy Canvas

If desired, download the template incl. Instructions for free, and feel free to let me know your experience with the Canvas: Download template now!

Once again, I wish you all the best this year – professionally and privately (even though another month has already passed since the beginning of the year).

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Yours Daniela Kudernatsch

PS: By the way, my new book “Toolbox Objectives and Key Results – Transparent and Agile Strategy Implementation with OKR” will be published by Schaeffer-Pöschl Verlag in February.