Even in ski racing you need a strategy

On February 29th, I took part in the German Senior Alpine Ski Championships of the German Ski Association in the Hochfügen ski resort at the entrance to the Zillertal, as I do every year, so to speak. This is also a set-it-and-forget-it for former pro racers.

Professionally, my profession is strategy consulting and implementation. But sometimes my “first” career catches up with me again and my old passion for ski racing takes hold of me. Then I have to go to the mountains, so to speak.

Away from PC and flipchart, off into the mountains

And so it was on February 29. Why not? After all, in leap year 2020, we were given a day, so to speak.

Mrs Kudernatsch and friends are skiing.

The German Senior Championships, which are organized annually by the German Ski Association, are also a magnet for many former professional racers. So I too – with my husband and son – had to go there. After all, I was once a member of the German national squad. That’s why the Stell-dich-ein always reminds me of old times. And since my job rarely leaves me time for skiing, I’m all the more happy about every opportunity to get back on my skis.

Two awards for top placements

Daniela Kudernatsch with medal

Besides the races I participated in, a highlight of the day for me was the awards ceremony. I was honoured as runner-up in the Super-G and for a third place in the Giant Slalom at the German Senior Alpine Skiing Championships.

Another highlight was the evening get-together, where – I confess – we didn’t spend a moment talking about such topics as strategy implementation and digital transformation.

Treat yourself to some time out now and again

Sometimes I am surprised myself how much new energy one can fill up with a short break from the daily work routine. So next year I will participate in the ski race again. Treat yourself to such a time-out from everyday work every now and then. It’s worth it!

All the best – and lots of energy – wishes you

Yours Daniela Kudernatsch

Header Photo by Alexander Kaufmann on Unsplash