Experienced managers, consultants and strategy implementers

When implementing larger strategy implementation projects in companies, KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions cooperates regularly with a number of selected consultants – most of them for years. What they have in common is that after studying mostly in engineering or business administration, they have worked for one or even two decades on leading management teams and in management positions for corporations or internationally operating companies. They are accordingly familiar with the culture and structure of such companies as well as the challenges their (top) management faces in their work.

Some of our consultants frequently utilized in projects and for companies,  as employees or business partners of KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions, are listed here in alphabetical order:


Peter Möller

Specialist for Lean Management, Lean Production, Lean Administration, Operational Restructuring, Coaching and Improvement Kata, Interim Management

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Dr. Michael Thie

Specialist for Lean Management, Lean Leadership, Kaizen, Leadership on the spot, Kata, Lean Line Design

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Dr. Albert Thienel

Specialist for Lean Management, Lean Leadership, Kata, Shopfloor Management, CIP, Change Management

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