Agile strategy implementation: What is it?

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For the last two or three years, the term agility has been on everyone’s lips – and I confess, I also use it at least once in almost every seminar or lecture I give.

Agile principles are not a panacea

But when dealing with the topic, I was increasingly disturbed by the following point in the past months: Quite a few agility evangelists and propagandists (in the consulting scene) pretend or express themselves in such a way,

  • as if the companies had been “asleep” for the last few years,
  • as if their employees had shown no ability or willingness to change in the past,
  • as if companies were still being managed across departments according to the command-and-obey principle,
  • as if the agile principles and ways of working were completely new,
  • as if agile principles and ways of working were the panacea for all companies’ problems,
  • as if they could easily be transferred to all areas of the company – regardless of whether they are IT, research & development, production or controlling,
  • as if only (or primarily) the mindset of the employees had to change, then everything would be fine again in the companies,
  • ……
Mrs Kudernatsch at work.

Agility alone does not solve challenges in the VUKA world

From my point of view, such a view or approach does justice neither to companies, nor to their employees, nor to the managers within them. It also reduces the complexity of the challenges facing companies in the VUKA world, which is characterized by rapid change and decreasing predictability, in an almost dangerous way.

That’s why I took some time during my vacation to look at the topics “Agility”, “Agile Scaling” and “Agile Strategy Implementation” in a more differentiated way and to write an article about it. And I confess myself: It was not so easy to pour my thoughts and experiences into a readable form – among other things, because I have partly conflicting thoughts.

Article “Agile strategy implementation” in “wirtschaft + weiterbildung”.

But apparently I succeeded to some extent anyway – at least the magazine “wirtschaft + weiterbildung” published my manuscript under the headline “Agile Strategieumsetzung” in their September issue.

You may disagree with me on a point or two after reading the article. Then please send me a Mail . Then we can share our experiences and discuss about this.

Agile strategy implementation requires differentiated approach

However, I am firmly convinced of one point: Agility in strategy implementation is not demonstrated by introducing agile methods, principles and working methods in all areas according to a pattern or the watering-can principle. Agility in strategy implementation is much more evident in the fact that one also takes into account the function of the areas in the organization, their history and current level of maturity, and proceeds in a correspondingly differentiated manner – also in order to bring the employees along with them.

Yours Daniela Kudernatsch