2-day intensive seminar

Hoshin Kanri

For successful leaders.

Managing employees successfully.
Achieving corporate goals together.
Prepare for career breakthrough.

Why a 2-day

Hoshin Kanri

Are you also heavily involved in many different projects or programs at your company? Are you confronted with challenges at all levels and do you sometimes feel that you cannot achieve more and more goals because there is simply not enough time?

Then you’re not alone. In 9 out of 10 companies, managers are in a “you have to do it all” mentality and feel overwhelmed with targets from time to time.

If you do not change this state of affairs, it will jeopardize the entire progress of the company:

competitiveness decreases and competing companies gain market share

high-performing employees leave the company and work for competitors

You miss your personal goals and put yourself under avoidable pressure

The aim of the seminar

In four

… to strategic clarity and realistically achievable goals in your organization.

In the Hoshin Kanri seminar, you will learn how to clearly align your organization and implement an agile strategy implementation process in 4 simple steps. This will help you achieve your goals and increase the competitiveness of your company.

1. breakthrough targets

How to set breakthrough goals and achieve commitment at all levels

2. fairs

How to measure results, optimize and achieve sustainable goals

3. achieve goals

How to coach your employees to achieve goals together

4. save results

How to introduce Hoshin Kanri step-by-step and implement it in the long term

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Detailed seminar contents

What awaits you
very concretely

Basics Hoshin Kanri

Clear focus starting from the top management for a target-oriented project implementation

This has the following advantages for you:
  • a higher performance due to the clear focus, i.e. better results faster
  • Flexibility in project implementation through agile strategy implementation processes
  • better competitiveness through the involvement of the whole organisation

Development of the strategic orientation

Definition of vision, mission, values as well as the development of strategy and strategic goals

This has the following advantages for you:
  • in the strategic planning process you learn how to develop a vision, mission and values
  • through the strategy work you work out clear and assessable competitive advantages
  • more clarity: with the “Business Strategy-Canvas” all strategy-relevant aspects at a glance

Setting breakthrough targets (breakthrough goals)

Use Breakthrough Goals to clearly align your organization and step out of your comfort zone.

This has the following advantages for you:
  • clear focus means: concentration on a maximum of three breakthrough targets
  • Breakthrough goals are comprehensible and achievablefor your employees
  • Planning and achievement of objectives: projects, initiatives and programmes are completed on time

Guidance and control with the X-Matrix

With the X-Matrix all essential goals, priorities, KPIs and responsible persons at a glance

This has the following advantages for you:
  • everything at a glance: With the X-Matrix you get a clear focus
  • Measurability: You get a high degree of transparency
  • through horizontal alignment you avoid silo thinking in your organization

Vertical and horizontal alignment of the entire company

Uniform target orientation through intensive involvement of employees and strong horizontal coordination

This has the following advantages for you:
  • no top-down approach: your employees identify with the given goals
  • horizontal coordination avoids silo thinking and conflicting goals
  • the holistic orientation brings your goals down to the shop floor

Integrating Hoshin Kanri into the daily management routine

You learn to develop a clear strategy that your employees understand and implement step-by-step goals

This has the following advantages for you:
  • get out of the “firefighting” mode by integrating the goals into the daily management routine
  • Put an end to tedious day-to-day business: dedicate yourself to strategic processes to achieve goals
  • Employees who work through tasks in a focused manner: You will learn how to lead and coach employees in a targeted manner

Target group oriented reviews

Specific reviews for the pursuit of goals guarantee the focus on the necessary goals at all levels.

This has the following advantages for you:
  • More time: Through clearly defined hoshin reviews you reduce your share of unnecessary meetings
  • Increased effectiveness: Organize meetings in a highly effective manner through the newly acquired problem-solving skills.
  • Precise target achievement: Sustainable problem solving guarantees only minimal target deviations

"Wheel of Change" - Steering and managing the change process

With the “Wheel of Change” – all participants are actively involved in the strategy planning and implementation process.

This has the following advantages for you:
  • Joint change process transparent and comprehensible for everyone
  • Commitment at all levels: You can involve all stakeholders from the beginning
  • Easily identifyresisters and address them through appropriate channels

Implementation of Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri can be introduced step-by-step, regardless of the size of the company and the industry it operates in

This has the following advantages for you:
  • Proven target achievement system regardless of your company size and industry
  • Simple basic process allows you to define a targeted, individual approach
  • Through years of practice you will learn how to avoid stumbling blocks and obstacles with Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri Master Certification

At the end there is a 20 min. Multiple-choice examination for a Hoshin Kanri Master Certificate of the Liker Lean Academy

This has the following advantages for you:
  • Certification from American Lean expert Jeffrey K. Liker is beneficial to your career goals
  • The certification attests to your competence in strategic goal planning and employee management
  • For the certification you only have to pass a 20 minute multiple choice test at the end of the course

When and where

the 2 day
Masterclass take place?


16.06. - 17.06.2021
Munich / Online


Meeting Conference Center Munich Ober-Sendling
Rupert-Mayer-Strasse 44
81379 Munich

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What enthusiastic people say

Seminar participants
to the Hoshin Kanri Masterclass

Your seminar leader

Dr. Daniela

Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch is the owner of the management consultancy KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions.

With a doctorate in business administration, she has been involved in complex transformation projects for many years.

She can draw on a wealth of experience with strategy implementation methods such as Hoshin Kanri/Policy Deployment, Balanced Scorecard, OKR.

She is a certified systemic business coach, KATA manager, Lean Leadership coach and Master Black Belt Six Sigma, as well as the author of several professional books and articles.

In seminars with Dr. Kudernatsch you can expect:
  • Clarity on the development and implementation of agile strategies for immediately measurable results
  • Clear focus on key project goals and employee commitment
  • More time and fewer distractions in day-to-day business through goal-oriented management

Frequently asked questions

FAQ’s about the

The Masterclass is designed for all persons who deal with the topics of “leadership, management, corporate and personnel development” in companies. In particular, it is aimed at decision-makers such as board members and managing directors as well as specialists and managers from the areas of corporate development, process and lean management, production and human resources.

You will learn how to define significantly important breakthrough goals for your company and how to align the entire organization down to the shop floor. This increases your performance and competitiveness and gives you more clarity in your day-to-day business.

You will be able to apply the methods and tools you have learned and implement Hoshin Kanri in your company in a sustainable way. By becoming certified as a Hoshin Kanri Master, you will be an expert recognized by Dr. Jeffrey Liker, which will clearly assist you in your career goals.

Your investment of only 1.495€ plus 35€ for the certification, you will get back after only a few weeks, after you have successfully introduced Hoshin Kanri in your organization.

Implementing Hoshin Kanri will align your organization with clear breakthrough goals and measurably increase your organization’s overall performance and effectiveness. We are so sure of the benefit of Hoshin Kanri to your organization that we offer the following: If you are not satisfied with the seminar, we will refund your participation fee.

At the end of the Masterclass, the written certification exam takes the form of a multiple-choice test. Upon successful completion, you will receive the “Hoshin Kanri Master” certificate from the Liker Lean Academy, signed by American lean expert Jeffrey K. Liker.

Why should you implement Hoshin Kanri in your company in 2021?

With each day more, without Hoshin Kanri, the dissatisfaction of managers and employees increases.

Too few resources and lack of time prevent managers from achieving their goals on time and leading employees successfully.

These are causes of downtime and lower performance, which has a significant negative impact on the future competitiveness of your organization.

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