Studies of KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions

What do companies struggle with when it comes to implementing new strategies? What experience do they have with certain methods and tools? It is crucial for KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solution to investigate this on a regular basis – also, to improve our own services. Therefore, KUDERNATSCH Consulting & Solutions frequently takes significant part in conducting (worldwide) studies. Since 2014, we conduct our own annual study concerning the degree of lean maturity as well – with the most recent one in autumn 2016.

Study “Evaluation of the Degree of Lean Maturity in Companies“

In this study we investigate:

  • How far firms that have started and/or implemented Lean Management projects yet formed a Lean Leadership culture already
  • How large the degree of lean maturity in their organization is

Between 2014 and 2016 around 700 (Lean) Managers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland participated in the study’s survey each year.

The latest study (2016) yields the following results:

  • Companies struggle the most with introducing and establishing Lean Management on the level of „Processes and continuous improvement“ and here with value stream-oriented process design, the application of the PDCA cycle and the implementation of Shop Floor Management in particular
  • Difficulties also arise with anchoring a leadership culture that corresponds with their Lean culture

If you wish to learn more about the study, please contact us at: and we will send you a free and more detailed report of our findings.