Lean Working Group - Shop Floor Management

The AWF working group "Shopfloor Management" has existed since January 2017. In it, executives as well as (project and lean) managers discuss how the idea of lean can be sustainably implemented in day-to-day operations at the operational level, i.e. at the "place of action". In addition, they jointly design and discuss solutions to acute problems. The working group of Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch, the owner of the consulting firm Kudernatsch Consulting & Solutions, Straßlach near Munich, who wrote book, "Hoshin Kanri: Enterprise-wide Strategy Implementation with Lean Management Tools".

Function, objectives of the AG Shopfloor Management

This consortium was founded because many companies have realized that, over recent years, our managers have moved farther and farther from the scene of action. Instead of dealing with administration and unnecessary bureaucracy, they should pay more attention to the value-added processes according to the maxim "go and see" instead of "meet and mail”. Thereby, decisions are made and implemented more quickly, standard deviations are recognized earlier, and employees are gradually developed into improvement managers. However, when anchoring such a culture in their organization, companies often encounter difficulties - not only because they must change the self-perceptions of both executives and employees, but also because they have little experience with lean tools such as Kata Coaching, the PDCA., Cycle etc. For this purpose, solutions should be found and worked out together among colleague circles.

Course of the meetings of the Shopfloor Management Working Group

The working group meets every three months for 1.5 days at the host company of a participant. On the first day, the host introduces himself, his work and his lean activities (with a factory tour). On the second day, the participants in the circle discuss issues such as:

  • What are possible approaches to the successful introduction of shop floor management in the company?
  • What conditions must be created for this?
  • What are the key success factors?
  • How does shop floor management work in practice, and what role do employees and managers play in it?
  • How can the change process be managed?
  • What techniques and tools are there?
  • How are people and teams professionally coached in developing and implementing their goals?
  • What are pragmatic visualizations and effective pay meter representations?
  • What is the relationship between shop floor management and the overall corporate management?

Among other things, these questions are being worked on with case studies, best practice examples and examples from the day-to-day work of the participants. The presented techniques are tested in practical exercises and role plays

Who can become a member of the AG Shopfloor Management?

Members of the working group can be, among other things, plant, factory and team leaders as well as (lean and project) managers, who face the challenge in their work, who implement the lean concept in a sustainable way at the scene of action.

Are you interested in attending the next meeting of the AWF working group Shopfloor Management? If yes, please send us an e-mail: info@kudernatsch.com