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When implementing Lean Management, companies often find that the initiatives they take eventually “fall asleep”, with the result that processes decelerate, a higher amount of quality fluctuation occurs, and waste increases once again. And the executives? They must permenantly act as a "troubleshooter".

A key reason for this being that many companies put the cart before the horse when introducing lean management. In other words, they introduce the methods for creating efficient, standardized processes even before their organization has the necessary (management) culture to continuously improve processes and processes - with employees. Accordingly, the improvement processes are unstable.

Develop and anchor a Lean Leadership Culture

How to anchor a Lean Leadershio Culture in business that leads to

  • the desired changes, which are sustainable,
  • improving yourself is a natural, stable process, and
  • the executives do not work permanently at their limit.

In the seminar, " Lean Leader-ship- a culture of and problem solving created", which we carry out in cooperation with Jeff Liker, the author of the book "The To-yo-ta Way to Lean Leadership".


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We would be happy to conduct the seminar "Lean Leadership-Anchoring the Lean Philosophy Company-wide in the Leadership Culture", within your company.