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Hoshin Kanri- Policy Deployment Seminar

In Europe, the Hoshin Kanri management system, also known as policy deployment, is still poorly understood. And this, although it has been used successfully in Japan for over 50 years - including Toyota. But in recent years, Western companies have also recognized the benefits of this management approach, especially in the English and German speaking countries, partly because it enables them to align the entire organization to the success-relevant "breakthrough goals" in their strategy implementation, and thus in the long term, to secure their success.

Hoshin Kanri in Management

Due to the positive experience companies have gained with Hoshin Kanri or Policy Deployment, there is growing interest in management circles in management systems. This is what inspired Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch to write the book "Hoshin Kanri Management", for which Jeffery Liker wrote the preface (published: March 2013). Since 2013 we also offer open Hoshin Kanri seminars.

The next open "Hoshin Kanri- Policy Deployment seminar

23./24. October 2018Munich area


Detailed information about content, process and registration can be found here: Seminar Hoshin Kanri-Brochure.

We are also happy to conduct the "Hoshin Kanri-Policy Deployment", within your company.