Lean Working Group - Kata Coaching

The AWF working group "Kata Coaching" since 2016. In it, executives and (HR, project and lean) managers discuss how they:

  • Create awareness among the employees and executives at the shop floor level that they need in the digital age and in the VUCA world.
  • are able to anchor the necessary thinking and behavioral routines among employees.
  • qualify their executives to become Kata coaches who support their employees.

The overriding goal is that the lean idea should be anchored on the operative level, in a sustainable way, so that the employees independently recognize and actively use opportunities for improvement. The working group of Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch, the owner of the consulting firm of Kudernatsch Consulting & Solutions, Straßlach near Munich, who wrote the book "Hoshin Kanri: Enterprise-wide Strategy Implementation with Lean Management Tools".

Function, goals of AK Kata Coaching

The working group was founded because many companies have realized in recent years: The need for change and learning in the digital age and in the VUCA world in our organization is so great that it can no longer be captured and satisfied top-down. So, the employees (and teams) at the shopfloor level need the skills to independently identify and solve problems and acquire the necessary skills.

As an instrument to develop this competence among the employees, many companies have discovered Kata coaching, which has been proven at Toyota. With Kata coaches, it is a core task of the executives, as a "coach", with the employees to practice the necessity for the continuous increase of performance thinking and action routines, so that employees almost reflexively show it in their everyday work.

How Kata coaching and a corresponding leadership and learning culture in their organization can be introduced or developed is the question for the participants in this working group. In addition, they work together to develop solutions to problems that arise when introducing and anchoring such a leadership culture and a culture of continuous improvement in everyday operations.

Course of meetings of AK Kata Coaching

The working group meets every three months for 1.5 days at the host company of a participant. On the first day, the host introduces himself, his work and his lean and Kata activities (with a factory tour). On the second day, participants in the colleague circle will discuss questions they have about how to introduce Kata coaching in their organization, how to train leaders as Kata coaches, and how to work effectively with Kata Improvement and Coaching.

Who can become a member of AK Kata Coaching?

Members of the working group can be plant, factory and team leaders, as well as HR, Lean and Project managers whose companies use Kata coaching to teach employees at the shopfloor level the awareness and skills they need for sustainable implementation of the requiurements for lean thought at the scene of action./

Are you interested in attending the next meeting of the AWF working group Kata Coaching? If yes, please send us an e-mail: info@kudernatsch.com