Lean Working Group - Hoshin Kanri

Company-wide target alignment and establishment of a comprehensive culture of improvement

With the Hoshin Kanri working group, we want to address all those companies who want to take strategy implementation seriously and anchor a culture of sustainability and continuous improvement (Lean philosophy) company-wide. Several influencing factors play an essential role, such as: What maturity does the organization have? How robust is the existing strategy? To what extent is the culture anchored in continuous improvement? How well are problem solving methods used? This starting position alone raises a multitude of further questions, the answers to which are not always trivial.

Questions that are discussed in the Hoshin Kanri Working Group:

  • How does the Hoshin Kanri process work in practice and what are the conditions for doing so?
  • How to derive so-called breakthrough goals from strategy?
  • How are goals cascaded across the different hierarchy levels and aligned cross-functionally?
  • What role does the catch-ball process play in the development of goals?
  • How are employees and managers empowered to work sustainably to achieve their goals?
  • What role does leadership or lean leadership play in the Hoshin process?
  • What is Hoshin Kanri's relationship with shop floor management?
  • What are possible approaches to the successful introduction of Hoshin Kanri in the enterprise?
  • What are success factors and stumbling blocks in the introduction?