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CIP (Continuous Improvement Process):

CIP stands for the continuous improvement of products, processes and behavior patterns in small and gradual steps. Primarily, CIP aims for an increase in customer utility and an improvement of operating results by influencing various operational key figures. The maxim thereby is: There shall be no day without improvement. CIP originates from the Japanese Kaizen philosophy and is the Japanese term for “continuous improvement“.

The employees and CIP team develop improvement proposals:

The improvement proposals are developed by individual employees or (CIP) teams, which are often directly responsible for their implementation. A company culture that fosters active participation and process improvement  by their employees is therefore essential for CIP to work. In doing so, control loops, which commonly consist of various phases, are applied to assure that the improvement methods are implemented in a systematic manner –the PDCA approach being the most popular one. It consists of the following phases:

  • Plan: Where do I stand? What priority do things have for me?
  • Do (= Implementation): Implementation of required actions.
  • Check: I check, whether actions showed the expected success.
  • Act (= Safeguarding): After success materialized, I safeguard the desired state and define new standards.

The benefits of working with and applying CIP:

  • Increase in productivity, flexibility, quality and customer satisfaction
  • Higher employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Cost reduction and liquidity increase
  • Standards and methods for the course of improvement phases
  • Selected employees or managers take the role of CIP moderators, who lead and guide the (interdisciplinary) CIP teams
  • CIP-induced changes are highly accepted and therefore sustainable
  • Rapid realization and implementation: Usually about one third of the agreed measures are already implemented in the CIP workshops

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