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A3 Problem Solving - Original Toyota Seminars

If companies desire to anchor a lean culture or culture of continous change (CIP) in their organization, their emplyees and work teams need to learn at the value-adding level as well as independently:

  • to recognize problems
  • to analyze their causes
  • define measures for their elimination
  • implement this consistently
  • derive new (behavorial) standards

This is where many companies fail. They also fall short because their empolyees lack tools at the operational level to realize the desired changes in parallel with their day-to day business.

Problem solving with the A3 Report

The A3 Report, which is based on the PDCA cycle and has proven itself at Toyota, among others, is such an instrument. It makes the thought process transparent when solving problems for the employees, by providing a template, so to speak, in which analysis and action steps are to be taken. In addition, working with the A3 Report initiates a learning process that leads to a deeper understanding of the issues and empowers employees to design sustainable solutions and realize them in their daily work.

We explain how the A3 Report works and how companies can use it to anchor a lean and CIP culture in their organization. It is taught to the participants through the use of actual company examples in our open seminar " A3 Problem Solving - A Culture of Continous Improvement." Solve Problems"! The next open A3 Problem Soving Seminar: 27./28. September 2018, in the Munich area.



A3 Problem Solving - A Culture of Continous Improvement.:

27./28. September 2018 Munich Area


Detailed information about content, process and registration can be found here: Seminar A3-Report-Brochure. We would be delighted to conduct the "A3 Problem Solving - Creating a Culture of Continous Improvement and Problem Solving” in-house..